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Fidonet Mail Access is yet another toolkit to access Fidonet message bases. Despite the fact that Internet supersedes Fidonet, the latter still serves an important role in my home country, thus I decided to collect a bunch of the old source code written over the past years of my Fidonet involvement and release it in form of a toolkit that will hopefully allow others to come up with more up to date products which will make Fidonet life a bit more contemporary.

Fidonet Mail Access supports FTS-001 (aka *.msg), Pkt, Squish and JAM message bases at the native level. It also contains an abstraction level which allows your application code to be independent of the particular message base format.

Fidonet Mail Access comes with full source code under GPL license and can be compiled with most major compilers for DOS, OS/2, Win32, Unix and Mac platforms.

If you want to receive info about FMA updates, click here, and describe what you intend to use it for to help me planning its development.

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