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FAwk v1.40.44
FAwk documentation
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FmaCopy utility
SquLink utility

FAwk does for Fidonet message bases what good old Unix AWK utility does for text files, that is allows processing of messages according to C-like scripts. With FAwk one can easily create various mail scanners, robots, bouncers, carbon copiers and much more.

In addition to FTN stuff, FAwk also supports RFC822/MIME message functions, access to POP3/SMTP servers and Fidonet/Internet message gating. This allows you to create sophisticated heterogeneous mail processors.

FmaCopy utility copies messages from/to *.msg, Squish, JAM and Pkt message bases.

SquLink is a Squish reply linker. Unlike most other reply linkers it properly processes gated messages with non z:n/n.p MSGID/REPLY kludge addresses.

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