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Current Version: 0.99a8
DOS, DPMI, Win32, OS/2 versions and some other goodies
Y2K complaint version of 16-bit MsgApi.dll for OS/2 
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SqaFix is a companion program for popular Squish Echo Mail processor by Scott Dudley. It provides standard AreaFix functionality which is missing in the Squish itself.

SqaFix allows your downlinks to manage their links to your node's echo areas (according to the rules you set up) by sending NetMail requests. In addition, it facilitates some routine management tasks commonly carried out on most nodes.

SqaFix unique AutoCreate feature allows automatic creation of new areas when they are received from your uplinks. Uplink request forwarding, idle pass through area management,  moderated area rules delivery and other advanced features are also available.

SqaFix is in service since January, 1992 and is kind of a classic for nodes running Squish.

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