Windows XP SP2/Vista/Windows 7, 8 and 10 only.

To purchase a license key, email me at p e t e (at) k v i t e k (dot) c o m specifying the product you are looking for and the email address to send the PayPal invoice to. .

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Exchange DEMO v1.10
ALESIS MMT-8 Exchange application allows you to import/export standard MIDI files into/from this old but still popular sequencer. It also provides highly convenient editing functions including copy/paste of Parts, Songs and Steps. US$20.00
Editor DEMO v1.50
PC1600x Editor allows efficient editing of all the PC1600x global, preset and scene parameters putting 20x2 LCD screen editing nightmare to its end. An absolute must for everyone doing any sort of patch editing for PC1600x. US$25.00
Korg Triton to Korg Z1 Program Convertor v1.13 This utility converts Korg Triton MOSS programs to Korg Z1. Extend your library of Z1 sounds with those developed for Korg Triton which seems to be a bit more popular than Z1. FREE
Korg Prophecy to Korg  Z1 Program Convertor v1.21 This utility converts Korg Prophecy programs to Korg Z1. Extend your library of Z1 sounds with those developed for Prophecy before its 'bigger brother' Z1 was even born. FREE
Korg Z1 Sysex Program Management v1.03 These command line utilitites allow you to list, split and merge programs in Korg Z1 Sysex Program banks. They facilitate management of your growing collection of Z1 Programs. FREE
Standard MIDI File
dump utility v1.31
This utility converts Standard MIDI files into a human readable text form. In addition, it can extract embedded sysex messages into a separate files and explode Type0 MIDI files into Type1 MIDI files. FREE